How a Stand Up Paddler fought depression  (click this link to go to the original article)


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I was looking through articles on the web and ran into this one. I have always thought that the feelings I get from surfing a wave or connecting with nature in a unique way leaves me with very strong positive feelings. I have read that surfing has helped kids with autism, and I have seen the benefits to someone who is really stressed out with work (me mainly). Just going for a paddle on a stand up paddle board or taking a surf gets me focused on natures many gifts. Surfing waves gets the adrenaline going which increases reflexes and reaction time but it also gives off dopamine, which stimulates our reward and pleasure centers in our brain. In simple terms in makes us feel good or as surfers like to say we feel “Stoked!

The next time you are feeling down get into the water and do something physical. Come and stand up paddle, surf, kayak, swim, what ever.

Get close to Mother Ocean!


Update: 1st December 2014.

This was a post that I put up early last year, and I decided to do a follow up with it. Seems Will Schmidt recently completed a 1400 mile paddle from Canada to Mexico, in support of the Wounded Warrior Project. It also helped him fight his depression. Next time you are feeling down and out, get outside and do something physical. Come an learn to Stand Up Paddle in Tobago or just go outside and take a walk.

Stand Up Paddle Tobago


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