Monthly Archives: May 2013

Performance Free Diving day 3

Today was all about theory and learning about the physiology of free diving. I had no idea that a free diver could get bent, but its possible. All and all an interesting day. Tomorrow is our last day, time for dynamic apnea training.



Performance free diving day 2

Evening guys. Really feeling shattered by the end of the day, so no time for pictures. My static hold was about 3 and a half minutes, and my best dive was close to 20 meters. I would have made that full 20 if my ears weren’t giving me trouble. Ohh and the navy seals decided to take over our dive site. Challenging day but a good one, none the less. Onto day 3 tomorrow. Sleeeeeeep.

Paddlefit day 2 and level 2 certification

Good morning everyone. So I finished level 2 certification for Paddlefit yesterday. I have learned so much great new stuff to share with you all. I made allot of new friends in the process from all over the US and look forward to having you guys come down and hang out in Tobago. Borrowed a picture from Brody and Johns face book Paddlefit page. Check them out. Onto another awesome day.

Day 1 Paddlefit instructor training


So just finished day 1 of paddle fit instructor certification. The course was super fun, the instructor John was a great guy, the weather was lovely and all the students were really cool. I’m really looking forward to day 2, as we get into the nitty gritty of technique and training. Have a an awesome day.

What does 1 minute abs and Stand Up Paddle Boarding have in Common.



Nothing… well at least not 1 minute abs. The health benefits of exercise have been written about countless times, and more and more people are doing different things to get their exercise done in unique ways. Of course when you are on vacation no one wants to do anything that causes a sweat, it’s r & r time. Or maybe you want to have a slight sweat, and a little adventure at the same time. That is where stand up paddle fits in. Not only can you get an amazing workout, targeting some of the most important muscles in your body, but you also get to spend your time outside on the ocean.

Stand Up Paddle targets your balance or core muscles, the ones that control everything that you do. This includes your abdominal, back and pelvic muscles. These all work in conjunction, assisting all major muscles in your body to perform every action you want to make. Your calves, thighs and derriere also receive massive benefits as you are standing and pushing around a large surfboard. Let’s not forget your arms and back, which get used every time you stroke the paddle. The beauty of SUP is that you can set your workout pace and goals, so it can be relaxing with minimal impact or you can max out the challenge. The best part is that it just doesn’t feel like work. You are outdoors, in the sun, feeling the breeze in your hair.

Come and book a lesson with us and see for yourself.