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The Philly Crew Goes Stand Up Paddling in Tobago




Image 1 ImageSo we had a really fun Stand Up Paddle crew all the way from Philly. They rocked it and joined the “Under The Pigeon Point Jetty” posse. Can’t wait to get them back in the water for a tour.



Check out Nicole and Johns video from their SUP lesson and tour. Previously they lived in Trinidad for a few months back in 2011 and fell in love with Tobago. As fate would have it they were working in Panama for the last few months and squeezed out a trip to good ole Tobago. After going through some basic skills (they are surfers so they were naturals) we had some fun in the waves. A great day was had by all.

Gigi’s Stand Up Paddle Adventure

Image 1

Gigi’s stand up paddle tour took us from Pigeon Point to Cocoreef and back. We also did some yoga at the end of our trip which Gigi clearly schooled me in. Thanks for coming and I look forward to taking you out on the sea soon. Keep smiling!

Yesterday’s stand up paddle with John and Nicole


So I know I’m behind on blog writing but I have a ton of stories and content to share so get ready. Here is a picture from yesterday’s stand up paddle. It’s of two of my good friends John and Nicole. Who flew in from Panama for the weekend and had a sup adventure.