SUP Tobago – Jude and Duane Big Adventure

Movie Synopsis – “A secret code, locked in the pattern of a snails shell, unlocks the location of a hidden treasure. Two friends with nothing more than the dream for adventure, set on a quest to discover its location. With 2 stand up paddle boards and a handful of chenette the adventure begins.”

My nephew and I went on a Stand Up Paddle Adventure up in countryside Tobago yesterday. If you are looking for a fun tour up the NW coast of Tobago with a easy paddle, and a small walk to a secret waterfall, then check us out at


2 thoughts on “SUP Tobago – Jude and Duane Big Adventure

  1. Lana

    Wonderful videos, you make living in Tobago seem like a really vacation every day!! Great Job!! Go SUP!!!

    1. tobagolife Post author

      Good morning Lana. I’m stoked to hear that you are enjoying the blog. It’s allot of fun to make and I enjoy sharing the fun. Tobago is full of cool things to do in and around the ocean. If you are ever in our neck of the woods, we would love to take you for a SUP.
      Keep smiling!


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