Pirate Hideout Found in Tobago

ImageSo I was up in the country side of Tobago this week, and decided to do some exploring. These are some of the photos from the adventure.


Found this lovely waterfall just falling into the ocean.


Secret beach found. The only access is by the ocean, and it’s a long paddle

ImageAnother angle.


So one of the reasons I started exploring this beach was the river. As I broke the tree line and took a bend on the river this is what I found.

ImageYes it’s the same photo, but all I can say is Pirate hideout.


This was a nice little pool up the river. Ohh yeah and nature provided a lovely Doodoos (how do you spell this) mango just before this spot.


So Far so good.


Poisonous or not. What to do?


The tree with the fruit. I’ll try and identify it next time.


Leaving the secret beach.


Ahh the sun and the waterfall. A successful adventure.


2 thoughts on “Pirate Hideout Found in Tobago

  1. Yuri Fullerton

    the fruit is poisonous, its the fruit from the Machineely (wrong spelling) Tree. Popular tree found on alot of beach fronts in tobago, poisonous to the skin n touch. Can cause skin inflamation n redness as well as itchyness. Do not stand under it for shelter during rain,
    its milk turns to acid.

    1. tobagolife Post author

      Good afternoon Yuri. Funny enough I pass this exact tree every time I go surfing, but I never saw it with fruit. I guess it only bears fruit in the summer months. Normally people put a big “x” on it, but as this one is off the beaten path it’s just doing it’s thing. Thanks again. No Machnineele stew for me then.


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