What Paddle Board Should I buy?

Maxeee trying the doggie version of a yoga "Child's Pose.

Maxeee trying the doggie version of a yoga “Child’s Pose.

I always get asked what paddle board should one purchase. There are so many options, that there is no simple answer. First off you need to decide what you are going to use the board for. Here are a few categories and there are boards that will fit into many of the categories below.

1) Surfing
2) Racing
3) Yoga
4) Touring
5) A little bit of everything
6) Learning

I have attached a video showing the boards we use for learning at Stand Up Paddle Tobago. They are wide, heavy boards that are easy to balance on, very durable, and best of all  reasonably priced. Because of how stable these boards are, they are great for practicing yoga, and include a yoga style mat embedded into it. They are not the best surf boards although they will work, but they are definitely not good racing boards. As with all boards care must taken to protect the Single Fin below, as they can break off if not carefully protected. For learning purposes I am very happy with their performance. They also can be used for most weight sizes. Over the next few posts I will go into the different board categories. Let me know if you have any comments.
Keep smiling!




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