Stand Up Paddle Surfing in Tobago

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There are all kinds of unique ways to go stand up paddling. You can just go exploring, checking out a piece of coastline you have never seen, getting fit by paddling straight into the wind, or doing some SUP yoga. One of my favourites is Stand Up Paddle Surfing. There are the obvious reason that all surfers will acknowledge and that is the simple act of surfing. That awesome feeling you get when gliding down a wave, connecting your body with nature. A feeling so strong that many of us our bound to it for the rest of our lives. So why use a stand up paddle board. When the waves are good traditional surfing is the only way to go. The things that you can do with a short board on a wave face are only limited by your imagination and ability. But what happens when the waves are small and your short board just can’t catch the waves. It’s Stand Up Paddle time!
When the surf is lacklustre there are a number of places to go, plus you can get away from the crowds of the more popular surf breaks.

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In todays more crowded surf you can paddle to areas that traditional surfers would not go, and find that perfect little peak to yourself. Also the exercise that you get from surfing a stand up paddle board far surpasses that of regular surfing, as the boards are either much bigger or so small that you are constantly challenged with keeping balanced. I find that within an hour or two I can barely stand while on a regular surfboard I can go for hours at a time.

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Another great benefit of Stand Up Paddling surfing is that it’s allot easier to learn the basics than other water sports. Mastering it takes years of practice but you can be up and riding in a few lessons. Other than the fact that the board is big, the main reason that SUP surfing is easier to learn is that you are already standing. While in traditional surfing you have to pop up from being prone on your board, you are already standing on a SUP board. At the end of the day it’s all about having fun, and stand up paddle surfing just gives you another reason to enjoy the ocean, get fit, and have a smile on your face.

Petit Trou
Here at Stand Up Paddle Tobago, we offer lessons in Stand Up Paddle Surfing. We recommend that if you have never stand up paddled before you initially do a beginner lesson, and once you have become comfortable with an SUP you can graduate to SUP surfing. Check us out at our website at Stand Up Paddle Tobago



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