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Glowing Fish – another crazy Bioluminescence Tour



Friday Night’s Bioluminescence tour started off quite windy and choppy after a pretty rainy day. The night cleared up nicely and the stars all came out. The plankton was a little deeper than usual and really came alive when we found a large school of fish. As the fish swam below us, through the growing plankton, they left long glowing trails almost like slowly moving shooting stars. As we paddled back there was a storm about 30 miles to our north that offered up a spectacular lightning show. All and all a beautiful, fun night.
For more information on our Bioluminescence tours check out Standuppaddletobago


Spectacular Bioluminescence Tour, Tobago


Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Yesterday’s Tour started out with a southernly wind making the start of tour a little more challenging but our all Canadian crew was game for the paddle. What started out as a cloudy afternoon opened up to relatively clear starry night with some of the best Bioluminescence that I have ever seen in Tobago. We also had a slight drizzle that highlighted the Bioluminescence with every rain drop glowing when it touched the ocean.

Here are a few more pictures from the tour. We still have availability this week for our Bioluminescence Tours, Click the link here for more information, Bioluminescence Tour or email us at or call at 868-681-4741

Keep Smiling!

Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Stand Up Paddle Tobago: Full Day Country Adventure!

Check out Nadine’s latest video from her 60 Days in Paradise Promotion. Stand Up Paddle Tobago’s Full Day Adventure Tour is featured in it.  We started our tour in the Richmond River, then went to a secret beach in Bloody Bay for a water fall adventure. We finished up with a paddle over to Pirates Bay and then across Man O War Bay to Lovers Bay for some pink sand goodness. Epic day!

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Bioluminescence Tours in August


It’s #Bioluminescence Tour time once again. Our tours start from the 18th of August to the 1st of September. Tours meet at 6pm at Radical Sports on Pigeon Point. If you have never stand up paddled before then come at 5:15pm to give it a quick try. We also have kayaks if stand up paddle is not for you, please note that we have limited Kayaks so these are on a first come, first serve basis. Tours return around 9:00pm. You can come in beach clothes although we recommend that you wear a t-shirt also. 

For more information check out

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Booking Engine Goes live at Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Booknow Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Good afternoon everyone. We at #Standuppaddle tobago are happy to announce that our #livebooking engine is now in place. Along with contacting us directly by email or phone, you can now book all your tours directly online. Check out prices, and availability all from one webpage. You can find the Book Now button on our Facebook page (, website ( and even on our blog posts. For special tours we still require you contact us directly. Thank you as always for all your support.
Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Stand Up Paddle VS Calories.


Can anyone guess how many calories the average hour spent stand up paddle SURFING burns? This is where the waves are of average size, and fairly consistent, no sitting down and waiting for the perfect wave. Here are the options
a) None it’s way to easy.
b) up to 225 calories – It’s mellow but at least it’s something.
c) up to 500 calories – now we are getting somewhere
d) 500 to 1000 calories – Who needs a gym anyway!
e) 1000’s – I’m going to be a twig for sure!

Why volume is so import when buying a Stand Up Paddle board.


There are so many dimensions on a Stand Up Paddle board to talk about, length, width, thickness, and lets not even get into rocker, tail and nose shapes. The one I really want to chat about is #VOLUME. Width is very important also but volume seems to be even more key in my mind (wider is more stable). For the weekend warrior or first time stand up paddler, volume is going to make you paddle experience either allot of fun or very challenging. According Wikipedia, Volume is the quantity of three-dimensional space enclosed by some closed boundary. In regular speak that means that the larger the volume the more stable the board is. When learning to stand up paddle, a high volume board is the key to learning easily. Volume will also be your best friend if you are on the heavier side.

On the flip side large volume boards are more heavy, hence slower to paddle and turn. They also don’t go as straight as low volume boards. If you are looking to purchase a Stand Up Paddle Board I would recommend learning on a high volume board first. Check out for lessons on high volume boards.

Once you have mastered the beginner board, then look at purchasing a more intermediate board with a mid range volume profile. That way the board you purchase will be more versatile and you will be able to use it for longer.

GCB OZ biggest SUP Board

There are a number of websites that actually offer formulas for working out what volume of board you should have. These are based on your weight, conditions where you plan to use the board and experience on a Stand Up Paddle Board. Here is a good example

Beginners – your weight in pounds (lbs) x .91 (ie 150lbs x .91 = 135 liters)

Intermediates – your weight in (lbs) x .78

Advanced – your weight in (lbs) x .59

Here in the Caribbean (at least down here in Tobago) we have many different conditions to use our board in, from flat water to open ocean. Because we need a versatile board I would recommend someone getting a board that can handle choppy seas. So that means adding more volume. That means we should add 20 to 40 litres of volume to the above formula. Unless you are an advanced rider just go with the higher number. It will make your next stand up paddle board purchase a more fun investment.

Over the next few months we will be bringing in some mid range Stand Up Paddle Boards to Trinidad and Tobago for purchase. If you are interested please contact us at

Keep smiling.

Duane Kenny