Why should I learn to Stand Up Paddle from an Instructor?


Ok Stop looking at the girl and look at whats wrong with her paddle?


One of the best advantages of stand up paddling is that it’s easy to learn. Most people who have basic fitness and balance can learn to get up on a beginner stand up paddle board and make a good go of it. In fact over time they will learn the basic nuances on their own, especially through the use of youtube and other sites. So why should you take a beginner lesson with an instructor.

1) You will learn all the basics quickly and correctly. There is no quicker way to learn than for someone to spend an hour showing you what to do. When you make mistakes they can show you immediately what to change, so that you learn the right way from the beginning.

2) You will learn advanced techniques that you may not get anywhere else. Most instructors have years of board experience, in both waves and racing. Hence their knowledge on improving your skills will get you farther faster in your stand up paddle adventure than you ever thought possible.

3) Less aches and pains. Most people paddle incorrectly or stand wrongly on the board. By teaching you the correct way to paddle we can increase your enjoyment of the sport, while decreasing the soreness you are going to feel the next day.

4) Safety is key. Learning how to handle a board in and around people, boats, weather, tides and waves is learned from years of experience or can be taught by an instructor in a lesson.

5) Have more Fun. If you learn something correctly you will inevitably have more fun, as you will spend less time figuring it all out.

If you are looking for a great instructor to teach you both the correct basics and advanced techniques to Stand Up Paddle then contact Stand Up Paddle Tobago (www.standuppaddletobago.com)

or book a lesson right now by clicking this link BOOK NOW

Now get out in the WATER!



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