Tobago Stand Up Paddle Adventure – Part 1

Stand Up Paddle Tobago river paddle Stand Up Paddle Tobago waterfall adventure

Written by Nadine Skyora from 60 Days in Paradise Facebook page. 

Yesterday was a day full of Stand-up-Paddle adventure! Duane Kenny fromStand Up Paddle Tobago took me on an adventurous tour around Tobago.

Our first stop was at a river which (don’t hate me) I seem to have forgotten its’ name. It was small, only a 20 minute or so paddle back and forth, but it was calm, as the rest of Tobago was getting a little windswept from residual hurricane Bertha winds.

Our second stop was to Bloody Bay, in which we paddled out across the bay around the rocks on the left to a smaller beach. Here we pulled up our paddle boards onto the beach to do a bit of barefoot hiking. Why? Well, a 7 minute hike up a small stream is a lovely waterfall with a shallow pool to dive in for a quick swim! 

2 adventures down, one more to go!

If you are interested in doing a similar adventure email us at or call us 868-681-4741.


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