Stand Up Paddle VS Calories.


Can anyone guess how many calories the average hour spent stand up paddle SURFING burns? This is where the waves are of average size, and fairly consistent, no sitting down and waiting for the perfect wave. Here are the options
a) None it’s way to easy.
b) up to 225 calories – It’s mellow but at least it’s something.
c) up to 500 calories – now we are getting somewhere
d) 500 to 1000 calories – Who needs a gym anyway!
e) 1000’s – I’m going to be a twig for sure!


One thought on “Stand Up Paddle VS Calories.

  1. tobagolife Post author

    And the answer is d) Your burn 500 to 1000 calories per hour stand up paddle surfing. The figure goes up if the waves are big and consistent. GO #standuppaddle


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