New Years Resolution – Stand Up Paddle!

It’s almost two weeks into 2015. Whats on your new years resolution list? Here are a few ideas for a first time stand up paddler and for a seasoned paddler.

Learning to Stand Up Paddle

Learning to Stand Up Paddle

1) Learn to stand up paddle. Your scared of water, only super fit, surfer dudes can do it, I have no balance – ignore the naysayers. Anyone can learn to stand up paddle. Most people can pick it up in just one lesson, and those who don’t, always get it soon after. Stand Up Paddle opens up the possibility of new adventures, fitness opportunities, great stress relief, and in the end its just lots of fun!

Stand Up Paddle Racing

Stand Up Paddle Racing

2) So you have mastered basic stand up paddling, why not learn to stand up paddle surf, or stand up paddle race. Try a Paddlefit class and get in shape in a new fun way. There are so many different ways to have fun with a stand up paddle in the ocean. It’s also a great way to get in shape for Carnival if you are so inclined. I know I am!

Stand Up Paddle Adventure

Stand Up Paddle Adventure

3) Go on an adventure such as a bioluminescence tour, or a full day adventure up the coast to explore a new place. You might find something special like a waterfall or run into some dolphins. I guarantee you will make a cherished memory that will stay with you for the rest of the year.

Having fun after Stand Up Paddle

Having fun after Stand Up Paddle

4) It’s a great way to have fun with your friends, family or someone special. Any activity done with friends is better. More laughs, more stories, more memories, more things to chat about!

These are just a few ideas but you could learn to surf, mountain bike, kite surf, horseback ride, scuba dive, etc. The list is endless and can all be learned in Tobago. If you want to make the term “Stand Up Paddler” part of your resume this year then check us out at


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