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Press Release: Stand Up Paddle Tobago’s New Website is now Live

Our new and improved Stand Up Paddle Tobago website is now live.

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Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Bioluminescence Tours in April

Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Our dates for Bioluminescence Tours in April are from the 6th to the 22nd. It’s Easter time so reserve your spots early either by booking online by clicking here

or email us at or call 868-681-4741.

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Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Tobago By Night Paddle Boarding with Bioluminescence – Article in the Independent.

Check out the great new article in the Independent on our Bioluminescence Tour that came out in the UK yesterday.

Tobago By Night Paddle Boarding with Bioluminescence

Our Newest Activity – Private Snorkelling Tours on high speed boat.

Snorkelling Trips on ZOE.

Snorkelling Trips on ZOE.

Look no further for your next snorkelling/liming Trip in Tobago. Our new boat ZOE will take you to the best snorkelling spots quicker than anyone else, avoiding the crowds and offering the best way to  see the coastal areas. Our boat offers a low lying swim platform at the stern of the boat allowing easy entrance and exit into the water. There are no propellors to get in the way as our engines are internal. The full interior of the boat is cushioned offering a comfortable ride throughout the trip.

Our tours are custom built for each and every tour, so let us take you where you want to go. We aim to please! For more information click HERE.

Stand Up Paddle Tobago is in the Manchester Evening News! Check out the latest online article from the Manchester Evening News, showing off our Bioluminescence Tour in Tobago. If you are looking for your next adventure why not come and learn to Stand Up Paddle on the beautiful Pigeon Point Beach. Check out Stand Up Paddle online.


Click the following link to see the latest article on Stand Up Paddle Tobago


photo 3It is one of the eeriest, most magical phenomena in the Caribbean, best experienced on a moonless night in the silence.

Paddle a large but stable surf board through the Bon Accord Lagoon fringed by mangroves and only accessible by boat.

As you move over the inky black water, ghostly light begins to appear around you, each paddle stroke sets off tiny white vortices and your board leaves a trail like a comet.

In fact you are passing through a cloud of microscopic dinoflagellates (tiny organisms that emit light when the water around them is agitated). Flick your paddle and you create a cascade. Dive in to a massive flurry of light.

Startled fish zip away with a flick of their tails. Now imagine a shoal of a thousand fish fry.

Then, as you sit silent, a manta ray passes by, sliding beneath you like a space ship, leaving a glowing silvery trail.

Just Tobago (01373 814234/ offers seven nights at the Kariwak Village from £975pp (two sharing), B&B. Includes return London flights and transfers. Departs April 21.

Stand Up Paddle Tobago ( has a two–hour tour from £39pp. Tobago tourism: 020 8392 0421/

Book a lessons here at